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Latest:1.6.0 - 08 Sept 16


Relaxing Generative Music

Easy to use Tiklbox composes a endless stream of high-quality beautiful ambient music ideal for relaxation, reflection, mindfulness & quiet contemplation.


Play Screen

The main screen, and where you play the tracks, select albums etc.

On-screen controls:

  • Start / stop a track playing - tap one of the six buttons; or tap the top right hand area (the play time).
  • Sleep timer - tap the top left hand area (the sleep timer) to turn it on / off.
  • Select an album - tap the center bottom "album" button and this takes you to the Store from where you can choose any albums you have purchased or even make a purchase.
  • Settings - tap the bottom right "tools" icon.
  • Randomise track order - tap the center randomise button to turn it on / off.
  • Tap and hold any of the 6 track buttons to go to the Play List Editor.


Settings Screen

The screen is where you adjust a track's Play Time as well as system level settings (which apply to all tracks). Tap the relevant button and then adjust the slider. To reset a setting to the default value, select the button then hold it for a second.

On-screen controls:

  • Track Gap (system setting, button position 1): Sets the gap between tracks (0 - 20 secs; default 5 secs).
  • Track Play Time (track setting, button position 2): Sets the track play time (1 - 60 mins; default 4 mins).
  • Track Fade Out (system setting, button position 1): Sets the fade out for all tracks (0 - 40 secs; default 10 secs).
  • Online Info (button position 4): Takes you to this webpage.
  • Track Fade In (system setting, button position 5): Sets the fade in for all tracks (0 - 40 secs; default 8 secs).
  • Sleep Timer (button position 6): tap the button and then adjust the slider (1 - 59 min [above that the timer is off]; default timer off).
  • Music button (bottom right): tap this button (or the Playing track button below) to return to Play.
  • Playing Track button (center): this shows you the track you are adjusting the play time for; either tap this button to return to Play or tap/hold it to advance to the next track.
  • T and F buttons (bottom left): tap these buttons to go to Social.
  • Sleep Timer and Play Time buttons (top left and right): tap these buttons to give focus to the relevant control.
  • Music icon: press this to return to Play.

Playlist Editor

Play List Editor Screen

The screen where you can set up a custom playlist for your album.

  • To create a custom play list:
    1. Tap / hold one of the six track buttons to load the play list editor.
    2. Tap the tracks you want and in the order you want them to play (you do not have to select them all).
    3. Tap the center button to return to Play.
    4. To reset the track order, get into the play list editor (1) and tap / hold the center button.


Social Screen

The screen where you can tweet and facebook to say which tracks you are enjoying.

  • Tap the T or F button in Settings to see this screen.
  • Tip: You must have a Twitter or Facebook account set up on your iOS device to see this screen.

IAP Store

Store Screen

The IAP (in-app purchase) Store from where you can purchase new albums and restore purchases.

On-screen controls:

  • Done button top left - tap this to exit the store and return to Play.
  • Restore button top right - tap this and you will be asked if you want to check for and restore any previous purchases. If you select OK you will be asked to entore your Apple ID password. You need to correctly enter this and then the restore will happen (it is very quick). For album purchases you had made previously you will see that in the album list the "lock" image will no longer be shown to the right of those albums.
  • Album list - the list of albums available for purchase. Any album that has *not* been purchased will have a lock symbol shown to the right. Conversely, any album you have purchased will not show the lock symbol.
    • Note: in some updates we change what the default album is and that thus changes the two free tracks you can hear. If you have not purchased the previous default album, then at the refresh you will only be able to hear 2 free tracks from the new default album. If you want to hear the old ones again, just make the purchase of the previous default album!

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