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For new music & text ideas; or for reflection & relaxation.


Generative Music Composer

for Music Generation

Want to create custom generative soundscapes? Then get Noatikl, the evolution of SSEYO Koan featuring both generative MIDI music composition AND sound design - it's deep and unique.

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Cut-Up Writer

for Creative Writing

Hitting writer's block? Then get Liptikl and use its powerful cut-up technique to quickly help create novel text ideas for lyrics, poetry, haikus, stories etc.

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Generative Music & Loop Mixer

for Soundscape Mixing

Need royalty-free high quality soundscapes, fast? Then get Mixtikl and quickly make your own by mixing together many included editable generative music templates and/or your own audio loops.

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Reflective Music System

and Generative Music Publishing System

for Self Expression

Wotja is a chilled-out creativity app for relaxation, reflection and experimentation. Add some text or emoji and it will create beautiful evolving melodies with a selection of live ambient generative music backings.

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Tiklbox Relax

Ambient Generative Music

for Chilling Out

Tiklbox Relax composes a stream of high-quality beautiful ambient generative music ideal for relaxation, reflection, mindfulness & quiet contemplation. Turn on, sit back and relax. Chill. And it's FREE, too!

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Content Add-ons

for App Extension

A range of FREE add on content paks for Noatikl and Mixtikl.

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