ISP Change

23rd September 2016 by Tim Cole

All change

In the next week or two we will be changing ISP (for webhosting and email) so please bear with us if service goes down for a few hours or days. We are still here and will be endeavouring to make the transition as swift as possible!

Thanks for your patience!

Tim and Pete

IM Apps & iCloud support

24th March 2016 by Tim Cole

It's good news: iCloud support is coming for all our iOS apps!

If you like to create things on multiple iOS devices, e.g. iPhone and iPad, and you are familiar with Apple's iCloud and iCloud Drive and associated iCloud Drive app for iOS, you should be pleased to hear that across our apps we are gradually rolling out support for iCloud. See our FAQ on using iCloud which we will keep updated.

The first of our apps to get iCloud support was Liptikl 2 for iOS, released a couple of weeks ago. As of today we have now followed up on that with iCloud support in Wotja 3.2 for iOS. We expect to release the iCloud-supporting Noatikl 3.1 and Mixtikl 7.1 iOS updates soon [Edit: released April 5th].

What about iCloud support in macOS apps?

It turns out that the key thing actually needed is iCloud support in the iOS apps! Once you have installed the relevant iOS app then will show the relevant folder and an iCloud-supporting macOS desktop app update can open files from and save to the iCloud Drive folder in macOS.

iCloud support is great as it means you can start working on a file in the macOS version and then (for files in the relevant iCloud Drive folder) carry on in the iOS version, and vice versa.

What about recordings, zip and sf2 files?

These still need to be copied to/from your iOS app via iTunes App File Sharing. For further details on how to do that, see here.

What prompted us to do it...

For us it was really all about improving ease of use, productivity and ease of backing up files. Some of the benefits as we see them are:

Use cases for working in both macOS and iOS?

Where an app's iOS and macOS versions both support iCloud

With iCloud being supported in both Liptikl 2 for iOS and Liptikl 2 for macOS, you can start creating a Liptikl file in one version and carry on editing it in another, and vice versa. This freedom to create as, when or where you want results in greater creative productivity!

Where only the iOS version of an app supports iCloud

When Noatikl 3.1 for iOS is released with iCloud support you will be able to take advantage of iCloud Drive file synching with Noatikl for macOS. Here's an example of how: Say you want to create a Noatikl file for import into Wotja and you find it easier to use Noatikl for macOS to create that file. Using Noatikl for macOS you create the file and then save or copy that file to your Mac's iCloud Drive/Noatikl folder. In Noatikl for iOS you will be able to open that file and then export it to clipboard for importing into Wotja. Easy!

Prior to that you would have had to first create your file in Noatikl for macOS then either manually transfer your Noatikl file to Noatikl for iOS via iTunes File Transfer then open in Noatikl for iOS and export to clipboard; or, from Noatikl for macOS export it to clipboard, then paste it into Notepad for macOS and then in Notepad for iOS copy that URL to clipboard and then import into Wotja - a little bit more complex shall we say!

We hope you enjoy using our new Files screens, iCloud and iCloud Drive!

Tim and Pete

Intermorphic - It's our birthday!

9th January 2016 by Tim Cole

We're 9 Years Old Today. Woo Hoo! Party Time!

How can it be, we're 9 years already? Where does the time go?

Our Baby

Intermorphic was founded 9th January 2007 by Tim Cole and Pete Cole. We have beavered away at our range of tools ever since. We can't exactly say the journey of survival has always been an easy one, but parenthood was never meant to be thus! All the same, it has certainly been an interesting and rewarding path to be treading, and we have met a lot of amazing, interesting and kind people along the way.

Our tenth year

We love creating things for people to play with and we certainly have some more fun stuff lined up to work on this coming year; it is just a matter of finding the time to cram it in as we can never go as fast as we want with the Intermorphic apps!

Suffice to say, we hope to move Wotja on quite a bit this year, too.

Anyhow, toodle pip! We have a metaphorical party to head off to...

P.S. Thank you in advance for all your birthday greetings and wishes!

Tim and Pete

The Year Gone, Wotja 3 and The Year Ahead

23rd December 2015 by Tim Cole

The Year Just Gone

First things first... thank you!

At the close of 2015 the first and most important thing for us to say is a big thank you and shout-out to our fans - all of you that stayed with us, bought our apps and continued to use the creativity tools that we build.

We may only be a core 2 man team, and we can only go so fast, but what keeps us going is knowing that you are out there and using what we build - and we never forget we build our tools and apps for you.

So, thank you again for your support, kindness, reviews, feedback and interest. It means more to us than you will ever know!

It was a busy one

A lot happened at Intermorphic over the last year. We had our 25th year anniversary of working in generative music and spent much of it working on major improvements that made their way into Noatikl 3 and Mixtikl 7.

To top it all off, at the end of the year we released Wotja 3, a major update that, as well as continuing to be a reflective music system, saw it become a generative music publishing system in its own right.

Wotja 3

It is early days yet for Wotja which continues to be a Reflective Music System. Anyone can create and share a Wotja Music URL or File that uses its included Players and Backing to create the music.

This year we enhanced the underlying PSE (Partikl Sound Engine) to greatly improve the quality and range of sounds it could generate. In addition, we also added the facility to Import/Export Noatikl files as Custom Content. This was a "big thing" as it now means Wotja is much more - it is also now a Generative Music Publishing system.

Why did we add support for Import/Export of Noatikl files as Custom Content?

We did this so that for those of you that are skilled at creating generative music with Noatikl (and for that matter, Mixtikl, too) and that might want others to hear what you make, and to hear it live and without first having to pay for a tool, you now have a route to do that via easy-to-use Wotja 3 and Wotja FREE 3.

Community and Artform

We know it won't happen overnight, but a key aspect of the what we are trying to facilitate is the growth of a community of reflective and generative music artists, artisans and interested parties who can take to new heights a shareable interactive creative artform which can be made by anyone - and all without coding. Or, as we call it, personal artistic creative expression ("peace").

We hope the community can, from our materials and from each other, learn to make and share clever things such complex Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) networks and advanced Noatikl Music Engine (NME) compositions etc. This is all made possible because the Player or Backing in a wotja can be exported for further study and editing in Noatikl 3 or Mixtikl 7.

Custom Content - How to use it

Simply import your Noatikl file into Wotja as a Custom Backing, set the Player to "None" (unless you want a Text to Music tune to play as well) and then share it as a Wotja Music URL or File that can be played, for free, in Wotja FREE 3. Under the hood both Wotja and Wotja FREE include the same powerful Noatikl Music Engine (NME) and Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) that are in Noatikl 3 and Mixtikl 7, so your content will play just fine.

Generative Music Publishing System

So, there you have it, Wotja is a generative music publishing system! It make take a while for the ramifications of this to sink in, and, for that matter, what Wotja is actually really about, but that will become clearer over time as we move the product forward and add more pieces of the puzzle.

Yes, of course you could make and share recordings of your wotja (and why not), but that is not the same thing. And, besides, a recording is not live, not as much fun, not re-editable and so not participative or interactive. :). And, we believe that as the community of creators and sharers grows over time, and as we develop Wotja further, it will get more and more fun to be part of it.

Noatikl / Mixtikl users - time to get sharing!

Why not see what you can do and publish/share some of your own wotjas? It is easy and fun to express yourself! Why not start by experimenting with standard wotjas and then move up to creating your own Custom ones.

The Year Ahead

It goes without saying that we will continue to push back boundaries in 2016, as we have tried to do every year of the last 25. :)

Although we already have lot planned for next year, we don't want to give away too much on what we have up our sleeve and also because things can change. But, one thing we can say, however, is that we will be building a version of Wotja for Desktop. Yay!

We hope you stay with us and get as much use and fun from our apps as we have in building them for you. Thank you again for your support this year.

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!

Tim and Pete

NB: Special thanks from us to long time collaborators Mark Harrop and Timothy Didymus who have helped us a lot this year.

P.S. We hope to be taking things a bit easier from now until the New Year, so if you need a response on anything then allow that it might take a bit longer than usual.

25 years of Generative Music

10th October 2015 by Tim Cole


Our first 25 years of Generative Music

It just so happens that today, the 9th October 2015, means we have now been working in generative music for 25 years (our 26th year starts tomorrow!). Woo hoo!

It's a big milestone for us and we want to thank all of you who have, in one way or another, supported, helped or followed us over the years (and that most definitely includes our long suffering wives and families)!

We do hope that our apps and tools, if you have ever used them, have brought you much creative pleasure and many ideas - we make them for you.

Our nature is to look forward rather than back (there is always too much to do), we are not natural curators and over the years we have simply just forgotten way, way, way more than we can ever remember (some of the links below will let you find out more, if you are interested).

That said, let's take a very short trip into the annals of history. After all, why not, as today we are celebrating the last 25 years - which is actually not that long when you consider that generative music can play for ever!

It all began with SSEYO ...

Ever since the founding of SSEYO in 1990 (SSEYO was incorporated on the 9th October 1990), Pete and I have been working on Generative Music technology, tools and apps.

Way back in 1992, after an initial period of development, we placed beta versions of SSEYO Koan in the hands of a select group of people. Rather naturally, we described the system's output as "Koan Music" for lack of something better or more original to call it. We referred to it like that all the way through SSEYO Koan Plus (1994) and into the first versions of SSEYO Koan Pro (1995).

All that changed with the release of Brian Eno's "Generative Music 1 with SSEYO Koan Software" (1996). Eno thankfully coined and used the term "Generative Music" instead. Being "brand free", and frankly a much better descriptive term, has meant it has stood the test of time and so it is still in widespread use today. We remain grateful to him for many reasons, including how his collaboration with us has helped give our work a greater profile; today that profile still helps people discover us at Intermorphic and allows us to continue pushing back the frontiers in generative music and its applications.

We did a lot more at SSEYO, of course, including releasing the "drag 'n' mix" Koan X, two fabulous content titles called Float by Timothy Didymus and Niskala by David Muddyman (Jamuud), Koan Essentials Morphing Drum n' Bass and even SSEYO miniMIXA (after Tao Group acquired SSEYO in 2002 and which then sadly passed away in 2007). There was much, much more, too, but all that is now long gone history, so let's move on from SSEYO to what happened next.

It then continued with Intermorphic

Over the last 7+ years at Intermorphic (co-founded in 2007) we've created a generative music engine we call the Noatikl Music Engine (NME) and tighly integrated sound engine we call the Partikl Sound Engine (PSE). The NME is the "evolution of Koan" and it can even play SSEYO Koan SKD files created right back to 1992! Over the years these engines have gone from strength to strength.

We've also created a number of generative music apps/tools that feature the NME and PSE, namely: Noatikl, Mixtikl, Wotja and Tiklbox; the engines are even in Liptikl (but they don't currently do anything in that).

We appreciate that some of our tools may be a little bit too "deep" and opaque, but that is just reflective of how life is not really that simple and is full of decisions and challenges - and we like to keep it real (it is actually because we are severely time and resource constrained, but we are always striving to improve things!).

So, what's next for Intermorphic?

Although we have been active in this space for almost 25 years now, as we said above, we really only have time to push ahead ... and there is an absolute ton of stuff we want to do there, that's for sure, so we are going to continue doing just that. So...

We tend not to pre-announce things and we are not big talkers; we try to leave that space free for creators and communicators using our tools. And, besides, that would be saying, wouldn't it? :).

However, as this is such a special day for us we will break with tradition and (uncharacteristically) give some clues as to where we are heading. :)

We have been beavering away for a while now on some things that we hope might unlock the beginnings of a new and personalised "wotja" artform - a generative / inmo "communication" which anyone can quickly and easily make and share/publish.

A joined up tool chain that facilitates the deep customisation of the generative music and sounds used in Wotja (via "round-tripping" to Noatikl) will provide a new outlet for sound designers and composers and let them bring something very creative, unique and special to this new artform.

So, to kick all this off you should soon see new Noatikl and Mixtikl apps that feature significant updates to the Partikl Sound Engine (PSE). We will then follow those releases with an update to Wotja that will let allow wotjas to be customised with Noatikl pieces.

Our thanks

Our reaching this anniversary is in no small measure down to the early efforts and contributions made by all those who worked for SSEYO and the Tao Group Audio team, and we thank them deeply. We give especial and deep thanks to Timothy Didymus and Mark Harrop who both work closely with us at Intermorphic, and also to all our customers and "communicators". The road of survival in our niche area has most often been a bumpy and difficult one, to say the least, and we know we would not be here today were it not for that help from all those wonderful people (see our Noatikl Credits page for more thanks and links).

Finally, we greatly appreciate your interest in our efforts so far and we hope you continue to follow our journey over the next 25 years, too - there is lot's more to come from us yet!

Tim and Pete

P.S. We always look forward to receiving feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our apps and tools for you. If you wish to provide that, we simply ask that you do that via our contact form.

Wotja 2 and Wotja Watch App

1st July 2015 by Tim Cole

Wotja Watch App arrives at last!

Wotja Watch

Ever since we co-founded SSEYO in October 1990, Pete and I have been working on Generative Music technology, tools and apps. Even though we have been active in this space for almost 25 years now, we are still pushing ahead and doing new things.

Wotja 2 and the Wotja Watch App for Apple Watch represents another big step forward for us. It has taken all of what we have done in the past and knowledge and experience gained through doing that to get to this point. Why? Because, simply put, Wotja needs a lot under the hood to do what it does.

When we decided to build the Wotja Watch App we knew it had to be a powerful app in its own right: it had to allow user control of the composition in some meaningful way. In other words, it had to allow you to actually create music with. Yes, we know that a paired Apple Phone is where the audio composition actually happens, but all the same... the Wotja Watch App leverages the smarts in Wotja for iOS.

Remembering that in Wotja, the text generates the melody, we found that their were 3 principal ways to achieve that:

We also found there were 3 secondary factors that did not affect the composition per se (although, depending on how the Player is set up, it can) but that made a big sonic difference to what you got and so affected the overall composition: These were:

On top of that, we wanted to allow a very fast and easy way to create new wotjas - and this is where the Shuffle button comes into its own. The thing about shuffling things up, though, is to make sure you only shuffle what you want to be shuffled. So, we added some toggles that allow you choose whether some key things can be shuffled or not. With those, when you hit the shuffle button you know exactly what will be shuffled.

We also took the opportunity to prune the embedded content to make sure that just the most relaxing of players and backing were included. And, we added a Sleep timer so you could have Wotja play for just as long as you wanted before it faded away. This can be useful for e.g. sleep, relaxation, mindfulness, yoga etc.

Finally ... we also wanted to make it easy to share a wotja that you made in Wotja Watch. We tried getting "handoff" working, but in the end had to leave that for another day.... you can still open Wotja on your iPhone and share your wotja from that - and we would encourage you to do just that! We will try to retweet the best ones we see.

See here for some tips on how to share a wotja with a picture or text.

Tim and Pete

P.S. There is actually a load more we are planning for Wotja, so this is still early days for the app - watch this space!

P.P.S. We are now working on improvements to the Partikl Sound Engine that is in all our apps. We can't wait to get that finished and out for you!