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Create fascinating live soundscapes

Love experimenting with music or creating new music ideas? Get Noatikl, an immensely deep & powerful app for generative MIDI music composition AND sound design.

Users say of Noatikl: "the only serious generative music composition tool on IOS", "Very deep, very unique and intelligent. Good MIDI implementation.", "my go-to generative App... endless possibilities for generative sounds", "by far the most unique and complex modular music maker in the AppStore. You'll get addicted!", "5 stars is not enough". More in Reviews.

What others say

Computer Music Magazine described Noatikl, our evolution of award-winning SSEYO Koan Pro, as "One of the best interactive composition tools on the market" and said "Noatikl picks up where Captain Eno's beloved Koan left off". More in Reviews.

Now would also be a good time to check out the 2 minute videos.

What you can do with Noatikl

  • Create high quality, royalty-free, totally custom generative music / soundscapes: ambient, drone, relaxation, EDM etc.
  • Use the many included gorgeous templates as starting points to help break composer's block with new melodies & ideas
  • Experiment with generative (MIDI) music composition and unleash the power of the integral Noatikl Music Engine (NME)
  • Explore sound design with the integral Partikl Sound Engine (PSE) in which you can also use your own 16/24bit SF2
  • Use Noatikl as a MIDI generator to play / control external MIDI synths, samplers and other MIDI controllable units
  • Create / share / edit Noatikl pieces for use in Mixtikl (not included)
  • Play SKD files you may have made in SSEYO Koan (precursor to Noatikl)
  • Build your own hyper-instrument (Desktop version only)
  • Get creative with scripting (Desktop version only)
  • Join the active Noatikl user community!
  • ... even learn to "cook" :)

    Music, recorded,
    A meal, frozen.
    Noatikl: Real,
    home, fresh cooking.

    (haiku credited to Mark Harrop)

What is it?

Noatikl (pronounced "noh – tickle") is a 16 track MIDI generating powerhouse with 120+ parameters & many included generative music templates. To generate its sounds it features the Partikl Sound Engine (PSE), a powerful sound source comprising a modular synth with Soundfont (SF2)/DLS support + live FX and it incorporates the Noatikl (MIDI) Music Engine (NME).

Key Noatikl parameters

  • Voice types: Ambient, Rhythmic, Repeat, Follows, Fixed Pattern - used to generate MIDI notes
  • Rules: Scale, Harmony, Rhythm, Next Note – used to constrain and filter the notes composed
  • Chords: Many parameters for controlling chording and arpeggiation
  • Controllers & Micro controllers: Many parameters for controlling MIDI
  • Note to MIDI CC Mapping: Used to emit MIDI controller data instead of MIDI events, useful for controlling synths and other parameters
  • Many, many more ...

For in depth information concerning Noatikl's range of parameters and MIDI Note & Controller generation see the NME Guide. For information concerning modular synth sound generation & FX see the PSE Guide.

Why Generative Music?

Generative Music is "endless music created by a system". People want to explore it for a whole host of reasons - from wanting to break creative block to an urge to try something different; from pure musical curiosity to wanting to create endless music with a system; from reading about it to - well, you will have your own reasons!

Just as in learning any instrument, to fashion the best music requires patience, experimentation and the honing of skills. As you master it you will find Noatikl, the evolution of SSEYO Koan, opens up rich new musical seams ready for your creative attention.

Noatikl's roots

Noatikl is the evolution of the SSEYO Koan Generative Music system used in the 90s by Brian Eno et al, and it is still evolving today.

Noatikl's developers

Noatikl is created by Tim Cole and Pete Cole, creators of the 2001 BAFTA-award winning SSEYO Koan Interactive Audio Platform, the 2005 BAFTA-award winning SSEYO miniMIXA, Liptikl (2007+) and Mixtikl (2008+).

We bring to this product the 25+ years of experience we have of developing generative music engines, and a past user base who is keen to see what we can do next. Noatikl is much more powerful and versatile than Koan ever was.

For those interested in knowing more background, see the SSEYO history.


Noatikl 3 is a big release for us and a lot of work has gone into it. Most of the technical changes we've mave have been in the integral Partikl Sound Engine (PSE). We've made those to improve and extend Noatikl's sonic capabilities so you can create even cooler ambient music. We've also included a bunch of top new templates that take advantage of that work.

I've got Noatikl 2, do I need to get Noatikl 3?

Save big - get Noatikl 3 for iOS in a bundle!

Here's what's new:

  • Many gorgeous new templates that take advantage of the uprated Partikl Sound Engine 3 (PSE 3). New template paks include: Ambiences, Arps, BellsGlasses, Drones, MelodicPads, Melodics, Strings, Weirdness, Windharps.
  • Major PSE 3 enhancements:
    • Now supports stereo and more advanced synth & fx networks, allowing richer & more interesting sonic capabilities and complete sound "presets"
    • Network Editor and all 17 PSE Sound & FX unit UIs have been significantly reworked for much easier use, control and accessibility (iOS version)
    • Greatly improved Wavetable Sound Unit now supports stereo SF2 (SoundFont) samples (up to 24bit), allows modulation of pitch, pan, amp, portamento parameters and has an integrated envelope editor (linear/log) - all useful for sound shaping e.g. nice smooth ambient sounds
    • Improved the PSE-included IM SF2 wavetables with extended "IM Synths" and all new "IM NT3-MT7" = more sounds!
    • Selectable "Tap to Edit" option in the PSE Network Editor helps to reduce the number of interactions required to make changes
    • Amp and Pan controls added to several PSE Sound Units allowing more compact synth networks
    • "Note on Random" option added to PSE LFO Unit to allow sample/hold style control
  • As well as the PSE units, all of Noatikl iOS has been reworked for accessibility for blind & visually impaired users.
  • Support for AudioBus 2 and Audiobus Remote Trigger and transport control (iOS version)
  • Option in Settings to show / hide the older, but still included, Noatikl 2 templates
  • Simplified & improved the Noatikl 3 UI colour scheme
  • Updated the noatikl file format to accomodate the new PSE 3 capabilities
  • Several minor UI improvements (iOS version)
  • All fixes included in final NT2 update
  • New icon!
  • See also this forum post

Magazine Reviews

Computer Music Value Award Computer Music

"One of the best interactive composition tools on the market"

"Noatikl is the coup de grace in the fight against creative block"

"Offers serious built-in tone generation via Intermorphic's PSE modular synthesis, sampling and MIDI environment"

"It would take us page upon page to convey the wealth of goodies in Noatikl 2"

"Capable of truly inspiring progressions" in depth review of Noatikl 3

"Noatikl 3 is a very clever bit of software"

Computer Music Performance Award Computer Music #126 (June 2008)

"Noatikl picks up where Captain Eno's beloved Koan left off"

"a superb resource for ideas, and a sure-fire cure for writer's block"

"that killer hook could very well spring forth from noatikl's musical stream..."

"those with an open mind may find Noatikl to be their ideal collaboration partner"

"the results were always intriguing and, more importantly, musical"

"the sky is really the limit"

"ambient musicians will eat it up"

"Noatikl is one of the most comprehensive (generative music systems) we've seen"

Noatikl User Reviews

"my go-to generative App ... endless possibilities for generative sounds..."

"This is the only serious generative music composition tool on IOS"

"This is by far the most unique and complex modular music maker in the AppStore. You'll get addicted! "

"there is nothing like this on the iPad - please don't confuse this generative app with the "ping-pong" sound generators that pretend to be generative."

"Incredible world of generated music - a must have!"

"very intuitive and I was able to run Animoog and Addictive Synth through the midi out with stunning results. 5 stars is not enough."

"Outstanding App and a must for anybody interested in generative music."

"Very deep, very unique and intelligent. Good MIDI implementation."

"my go-to generative App", "endless possibilities for generative sounds"

"I've only been using [Noatikl] for 10 minutes & love it already. Thank you!"

"I use Noatikl EVERY SINGLE DAY! for something, it has become an essential component of my personal artistic procedure."

Loopy C, USA

"Noatikl stretches the boundaries of conventional music composition & I love it! Composers can now program generative variations in their music that can be subtle or extreme. Its programmability gives me as much or as little control as I want to produce music that is alive and constantly evolving."

Jamuud of Loop Guru

"Noatikl is the most exciting and inspiring piece of software in my studio."

Mark Harrop, UK

"Noatikl remains one of those rare examples of audio software that continues to challenge and defy... I love it dearly"

Tim Didymus, UK

"Now getting stuck into Noatikl with Synplant. Brilliant combination. Just sit back and listen to the fireworks."

"Loved Koan Pro. Found a mention of Noatikl on a web site. I am so happy that Koan Pro has a sucessor. Noatikl is a truly marvelous program."

&"With even minimal effort, the musicality of Noatikl is astonishing. Great control over musical dimensions. Love the scripting feature."

" I purchased Noatikl yesterday and hadn't fiddled with it for 30 minutes before realizing it is the software I've been dreaming about for the past ten years. By the end of the day, I put the finishing touches on a new age / ambient piece that could easily work in a movie soundtrack. I've evaluated and own nearly every fractal, algorithmic and generative music production tool available on the internet. There are some remarkable products out there, but none, absolutely NONE of them match noatikl's brilliant balance of musical density without technical complexity. For my purposes, you've delivered exactly what I've been looking for. I'm a software developer by day and the last thing I want to do with my leisure time is try to wrap my head around yet another tool with a steep learning curve or something that demands a doctorate's understanding of music theory to get anything interesting out of it. I want a tool that takes care of the theory and the 'grunt work' and allows me to play with and sculpture sound the way a child plays in a sandbox. This is what Noatikl delivers; here is Noatikl's genius."

"I can't tell you how long I have wished for a program like this! Noatikl is both the most powerful and easiest to use composing tool available. I am not talking about loops and canned music that lets you pretend you are on a writing streak, I am talking about a program that enables you be the architect of your own music while it takes care of (the execution of notes) the brick laying."

"it is interesting, this user community for noatikl. if something binds us, it is the word composer, it seems. we have very different needs. and yet, we have a common need to express ourselves, in the language of our choice. what noatikl graciously provides all of us is a means to that end. it reminds all of us, i believe . . . is that our collective reach . . . is somewhat beyond our grasp . . . but never . . . never, inescapable."

"I love your app, the price is more than fair given that the ideas it generates are priceless. You guys are putting a lot of work in and I appreciate that something so boutique is accessible to the masses. Keep up the good work!"

"I've had experience with some great composition programs. But in terms of instantly bringing about good musical ideas & inspiration, Noatikl exceeds them all hands down!"

"I downloaded the demo of Noatikl not knowing what to expect, and instantly knew this was the cure for writers block I have been hoping for."

"I have to give you folks a huge complement on the interface of your product. It's just a huge pleasure to work with. I'm not a real fan of software mostly, fiddling with knobs and buttons is way more engaging....but Noatikl is just such a kick, and it's real time malleable, it just continues to reward, it always gives you one more idea to try out. Very cool."

"Within the heart of intermorphic's software lies an original and most musical "soul", incorporating a brain of pure and true intuition - Noatikl defies any possible single quote."

"It's been a long, long time since I've been this enthusiastic about trying to create music. It's like being a kid again and receiving a new toy day, after day, after day. Thanks for a great product."

"I'm pumping the MIDI CC from Noatikl through Logic. I'm amazed with Noatikl's simplicity and power, thank you very much for this. "

&"Noatikl is a very remarkable and unique piece of software, congrats!"

"Whatever you have in your plug folder, you don't have anything remotely approaching the algorithmic composition facilities in noatikl. Combining uniqueness & depth with unmatched support, Noatikl points beyond synths & effects, toward sophisticated compositional tools that aid not just sound-making but song-making." "So far, (Intermorphic has) the best support of any plug-maker I've encountered! IMHO, Noatikl is well worth the price even at this early stage in its development history."

"A few months ago, I came to and bought your software, that I am enjoying so much. You simply have made one of the most powerful sound environments ever made. I am every day more amazed."

"Noatikl is alive ... all you do is wake it up or put it to sleep. Once awake, it draws you into it's world. It's like it takes whatever I give it and hands me back music as if to say 'See ... this what can be done, here! You like?' Much more often than not I have to answer ... Yes!!"

"Noatikl is most interesting software for modern avantgard music. I think it is some step to the future of music - the world of future with people and machine will cooperate with their strong side - fast and absolutely logic of machine's brain and sense of art test and beautiful of the man intellect."

"I instantly knew Noatikl was the cure for writers block I have been hoping for."

"I have come to the conclusion that Noatikl is a damn amazing piece of software. it has certainly inspired me in my creations. thanks for a great program."

"Discovering Noatikl is like discovering the sounds of the natural world for the first time - the chaos patter of raindrops, the patient swell of the sea, the conspiratorial whispers of the wind - and then being handed the power to do with them as you will."

"With Noatikl, my computer has suddenly become a porous surfboard of interactive listening with no end in open door into open sound."

"Sometimes I stay up until 2:00 AM playing with Noatikl. Love it."

"I have Noatikl. LOVE IT! What a great thing."

"Noatikl is not a toy. Noatikl is a flowing river of sound, a polyphonic flamethrower of music with a deceptively simple interface. Try the demo and you're hooked."

  • Powerful integrated "NME" generative MIDI music engine and integrated "PSE" modular synth & Live FX network for the creation of "organic" portable generative compositions and musical ideas.
  • Also includes full support for MIDI output to control external MIDI software and hardware.
  • 5 different kinds of live controllable MIDI note generators (voice types): Rhythmic, Ambient, Follows, Fixed Pattern, Repeat Bar & Listening
  • Each voice type lets you create different kinds of MIDI note streams / events and has many different parameters that control how it composes.
  • 12 element note generation rules include: Harmony, Next Note, Rhythmic, Scale; all rules can be customised and each voice can use different rules.
  • Voices can compose both independently and /or co-dependently with other voices in the piece.
  • Powerful chording parameters that allow creation of voice chords and arpeggiation.
  • Noatikl Generator Network Editor shows the NME Generator/Voice network and the associated PSE Synth/FX network and lets you:
    • Drag Generators/Voices around for easy re-ordering
    • Drag Generator/Voice to MIDI Channel (or vice-versa) for easy MIDI channel mapping
    • Drag Generator/Voice to Generator/Voice for easy Follow/Repeat voice networks
    • Tap Synth/FX buttons to display the built-in PSE Synth/FX Network Editors
    • Tap Generator/Voice buttons to access the NME Parameter Editors (iOS)
  • Integrated Partikl Sound Engine (PSE):
    • MIDI output from Noatikl is optional - no need to configure Noatikl with MIDI devices
    • The complete set of synth/fx presets as featured in Mixtikl
    • Supports SF2 / DLS wavetables via the Wavetable Unit [NT2.5+]
  • Includes many generative templates
  • A range of piece level parameters that control tempo, piece level rules and roots.
  • Parameters for standard MIDI cc controllers such as Damper/Hold, Reverb, Chorus, Damper Release, Portamento.
  • Parameter to convert MIDI notes, note offs and velocities to MIDI CC events.
  • Noatikl Desktop support for voice and piece level Lua scripting for those who want to custom control how the composition proceeds.
  • Separate "Listening" voice type (Desktop version) that listens for incoming MIDI which, with scripting, allows for control of the Noatikl parameters so as to allow Noatikl Desktop to function as a "Hyper Instrument".
  • Saves to .noatikl format, which includes all noatikl rule data and associated partikl sound data.
  • AUi (OS X) and VSTi (Windows) Plug-ins: Noatikl generates both optional PSE audio data and MIDI data.

Check out the following example 1 minute (medium quality) MP3 recordings of beautiful, luscious ambient Noatikl pieces made from our templates. The recordings are just snapshots of a generative piece that can play for hours. Imagine how you could play them for longer or tweak them further!

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Arp love":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Bells and pulse":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Calm trails":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Cosmic":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Ebb and flow":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Piano and glass":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Tiklbox Calm 5":

"Noatikl 3 - Demo - Tiklbox Relax 6":

Recordings Made by Others

Another way to get a feel for what Noatikl can do is to check out some recordings of how people have used it. For links to some excellent recordings see:

You can also hear it in action, live. Either:

Click on the Noatikl 3 image for a range of iOS screengrabs. The main Noatikl 3 Desktop interface is a bit different and the PSE related screens (Sounds & FX Networks) have a different layout (refer to the PSE Guide).

Noatikl Generative Music Composer - iOS

Noatikl Mobile (iOS)

Below is a quick 2 minute video of Noatikl 3 (iPhone and iPad versions) where we merge 3 new templates together, add a delay, change chording, change a Wavetable Unit pitch and then use drifting to create some live mixing.

Written Tutorials

You will also find links to tutorial information in the Noatikl Forum.

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Noatikl 2 Mobile - Tutorial 1
  • Learn how to: Launch, Open piece, Play, Blend, Drift, Pin, Save synth preset, Merge pieces, Save piece, Edit piece name.


by Tim Cole

Noatikl 2 Mobile - Tutorial 2
  • Learn how to: Change Synth preset, Copy/Paste a voice, Solo, Edit voice name, Change pitch, Change voice type, Change pattern, Export, Tweet.


by Tim Cole

Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone
  • Creating your first piece with Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone.


by Pete Cole

Noatikl 2 Desktop Audio Plugins
  • Creating your first piece with Noatikl 2 Desktop Audio Plugin (VST / Reaper).


by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 Desktop Mac



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 Desktop Windows
  • Creating your first simple MIDI piece with Noatikl Desktop Standalone for Windows.



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 VSTi & Cubase
  • Setting-up Noatikl VSTi to work with Cubase under 3 Mac and Windows so you can target your favourite software synths. Written steps here.
  • Template Project zip



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 VSTi & Sonar
  • Setting-up Noatikl 1 VSTi to work with Sonar 6 under Windows so you can target your favourite software synths. Written steps here.
  • Template project zip



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 Standalone & Sonar
  • Setting-up Noatikl 1 Standalone to work with Sonar under Windows so you can target your favourite software synths.
  • Template Project zip



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 Standalone & Logic



by Mark Harrop

Noatikl 1 AU (Audio Unit) & Logic
  • Follows-on from the Noatikl Standalone with Logic tutorial, and shows you how to use Noatikl AU plugin with Logic as an alternative.
  • Template Project zip



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 Standalone & Cubase SE
  • Setting-up Noatikl 1 Standalone to work with Cubase SE so you can target your favourite software synths.
  • Template Project zip



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 AU (Audio Unit) & GarageBand



by Pete Cole

Noatikl 1 Note to MIDI CC conversion
  • How to use note to MIDI controller conversion to create a system of MIDI control that conforms to the musical compositional rules in noatikl.



by Mark Harrop

Noatikl 1 & Mix Automation in Logic 8
  • Detailed walk-through of how to set up Logic 8 to enable MIDI continuous controllers sent from Noatikl to hook into Logic's internal fader message system. This powerful technique places virtually all synth, plug-in and channel strip parameters under direct generative control.



by Mark Harrop

Noatikl 1 Standalone & Generative tempo control in Logic Pro
  • Demo of how to set up Logic to allow Noatikl to generate tempo variations whilst maintaining full MIDI sync.



by Mark Harrop

Authoring Tutorial - St Ive's song 07 dissected
  • Detailed breakdown of the St Ives Song 07, exploring the techniques used in Noatikl to create the piece, including the use of rhythmic, following and ambient voice types, rule definition and chord creation. Also looks at one way to exploit velocity controlled sample switching



by Mark Harrop